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Sunday, January 27, 2013

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About the Author

Gary David Bouton is a seasoned author and illustrator with over 20 books to his name,
covering programs such as CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, and topics such as digital video
editing, content creation for the Web, and 3D modeling. Gary has been drawing and painting
both traditionally and electronically for close to 40 years and has been writing books and
articles on art since 1992. He has received four international awards for design and desktop
publishing and was a finalist in the CorelDRAW World Design Contest. In his other life,
Gary composes and records music and works on CGI special effects for films.

About the Technical Editor

Having degrees in both engineering and art, William Schneider currently teaches computer
graphics and darkroom photography in the School of Visual Communication at Ohio
University. He has twice been a finalist in the annual Corel World Design Contest.
He has written 16 magazine articles about photography and computer artwork, and has
had his graphic work published in a number of venues. For the textbook Italian Renaissance
Art: A Source Book, he was responsible for furnishing hundreds of illustrations and photos.
When he’s not working at the computer or printing in his darkroom, he likes to ice skate and
to build unusual loudspeakers in his shop.


Bear with me as you read this book. Like any ongoing piece of literature, CorelDRAW X5
The Official Guide is a work in progress. Yes, the book is complete, but I wanted to
approach the documentation of a new version of DRAW a little differently—okay, a lot
differently—than did previous versions of this book. I've tried very hard to put a little of
myself into this book, so you know that someone real, who professes to know CorelDRAW
in certain ways better than you do, is communicating with you. Let’s get real: CorelDRAW
is large. The application has so many features that you might feel at times as well-oriented
as if you were visiting this planet from another planet and a taxi driver dropped you off in
the middle of Los Angeles. At 2 A.M.
So I want you to know I’m here for you; I want you to feel as though you own a Pocket
Author, who talks to you in Plain-speak, who makes tutorial files not only relevant but also
interesting, and who as an artist provides you with what you need to accomplish a task instead
of a generic, “This is what you need,” or a presumptuous, “This is what we think you need.”
I’m going to ask you to think about what it is you want to do in CorelDRAW throughout the
chapters, because you’re probably a goal-oriented sort of fine artist or business professional.
Although we have some of the best documentation on these pages concerning where items are,
what tools do, and other structural definitions of CorelDRAW, knowing where a tool is, and
knowing the steps to create a logo your boss wanted last Tuesday are two entirely different
approaches to understanding. One is called “having a bunch of facts memorized” and the other
is called Wisdom.
You’ll see what I mean as you read through the chapters and work through the dozens of
tutorial examples and files. Read this book, but embrace what you learn. I’ve learned through
years of working in the field of graphics that when you understand a technique or a principle,
you own it. You take it everywhere you go, it’s part of your own personal craft, and you’re all
the richer as an artist when you digest the information you’re given and turn it into something
uniquely your own.
CorelDRAW X5 The Official Guide is divided into nine parts plus two online Bonus
Chapters and an online Quick Reference listing keyboard shortcuts that’ll speed up your
work in CorelDRAW.
Organization is key to explaining things, so the parts follow a progression, from a very
basic introduction to later chapters that delve into special effects, and with this edition,
we’ve added two complete chapters on Corel PHOTO-PAINT, because it’s an important
program you will use if you first understand how to edit bitmap images. If you’re the type
of reader who likes to begin at the beginning and make a linear voyage to finish with the
last chapter, you won’t be surprised. However, the chapters are structured and fairly
compartmentalized to address a specific topic; if you want fast solutions for specific areas
within CorelDRAW, you can also “pick and choose.” One of the wonderful things about
books is that you can skip ahead and rewind—and probably do it faster than using an online
search engine.
● Part I starts you off with the new features in CorelDRAW X5, a must-read for users
who’ve made the upgrade. In particular, Chapter 1 is a tutorial-based jumpstart into
graphics productivity—you’ll create new stuff as you learn what’s new! Also in this
part, you’ll be guided through CorelDRAW options, thoroughly pore through the
menus and palettes (including CorelDRAW dockers), and you’ll learn how to set up
the workspace to make you feel right at home. New users are encouraged to set aside
some quality time for this part—you’ll save a lot of time later when you want to get
to the Fun Stuff.
● Part II focuses on navigating and measuring the workspace and your document, and
how to size things up, from measuring objects to moving and rotating them. You’ll
also learn how to set up a multi-page document, create brochures and flyers, and
you’ll see that each page can be a unique size and orientation.
● Part III gets you up and running with two of the most important tools used in
designing original artwork, the Pen tools and the Shape tool. You’ll also get a handle
on creating shapes by using various presets CorelDRAW has to offer. Once you have
your object created and edited to your liking, it’s only natural to make more of them;
this part shows you how to arrange, group, duplicate, clone, and perform other tasks
in your document to make laying out what you’ve created an inspired effort.
● Part IV dives into typography, working with artistic and paragraph text, spelling and
other CorelDRAW proofing tools, and some special effects you can create for fancy
headlines. Sometimes it’s better to just say it instead of show it; CorelDRAW has the
ideal tools for both the text and graphic message, and these parts of the book also
show how to blend the two vehicles artistically for what you want to communicate.
Part IX (pronounced “icks”) introduces you to CorelDRAW’s extensive host of
print options and features; the techniques for output to paper, film, and transfer
materials; and CorelDRAW’s preflight options so your time and the expense of
professional printing are on your side. Also, you’ll learn how to prep your designs
for nonprinting purposes. Get all the details on how CorelDRAW X5 can export
your work for the Web, how to make a basic web page, and something additional
and quite special. On the CorelDRAW installation DVD is a full working copy of
SWiSH miniMax. This program can generate Flash animation for the Web; you’ll
learn step-by-step how to move copies of your CorelDRAW work to SWiSH,
animate the objects, add a little audio that’s provided for you via our website
download, and how about this: you’ll make a full-screen animation that loops (plays
over and over) that’s only 70K! A movie that’s smaller than some CorelDRAW files?
Yes. And it’s all laid out for you in terms that someone who has no previous
experience with animation can follow.
● Online Bonus Chapters document Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in a PDF
file you can download from www.mhprofessional.com/computingdownload and
www.theboutons.com. See how to write simple scripts without actually writing a
line of code (it’s visual; you record cursor movements), and speed up your work by
making common tasks automated through VBA. Also, learn how to design a
typeface using CorelDRAW, and export your very own TrueType font. Imagine
making and distributing a font that has your company logo to everyone in your
department. You’ll learn the steps in this online PDF document, and become font
savvy in a jiffy.
● The CorelDRAW Quick Reference, which you’ll also find online, is full of
shortcuts you can use in CorelDRAW. Find a task you need to perform faster, and
the Quick Reference lists the combinations of keys you can press to get you where
you need to go.

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